Episode 086 - Tommy Johnagin

Tommy Johnagin was never shy about his dream. A brand new track from Andy Hawk & the Train Wreck Endings, Fake News, and PF is a 15 year-old British girl.


Tommy Johnagin is at Go Bananas in Cincinnati, March 14-17. For more of Tommy’s dates, head to his website.


Fangirl’s new blog, CheckCheckHey! is up and running, as is her photo blog.

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Check out The Big Pretty Podcast episode 13 for some GOOD impressions (unlike the ones on this show). Actually you can listen to all of the episodes, but Big Pretty’s first ever bit starts Episode 13. Funny stuff!

PF’s Tape Recorder logo designed by Dan Koabel. Dan and Logan’s new podcast, Magic Potion, is available now in iTunes.

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YOU CAN STILL HELP CALEB MEDLEY! Caleb, as you may know, is a stand-up comic, who was severely injured in the movie theater shootings back in July. You can donate to help pay his medical expenses here.

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