Episode 083 - Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian sees the forest for the trees. Also, Fake News peppered with some Dumb Bit action, and PF gets a shout out from another podcast.


Jackie Kashian is at the Acme Comedy Company Tuesday February 26 through Saturday March 2.


The Dork Forest Podcast and Never Not Funny Presents: Rock Solid which can also be found in iTunes.

The Big Pretty Podcast. Maybe PF’s episode will drop THIS Wednesday-ish. Check it out anyway of course.

PF talking defunct football leagues on The Dork Forest Episode #100

Fangirl’s new blog, CheckCheckHey! is up and running.

If you’re hankering for more “Dumb Bits,” check out our SoundCloud page. We’ll update it this week. Honest. This time for sure.

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PF’s Tape Recorder logo designed by Dan Koabel. Dan is starting a podcast with his pal Logan. Deets to come.

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