Episode 071 - Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer is a real sport on this episode. Fangirl officially announces her new blog. Mike Travers’s song “I Love You Pittsburgh” has been made into a couple of promo clips for the local CBS affiliate there. There’s a Facebook page for it as well as a YouTube channel.


Bil Dwyer is at the Acme Comedy Company Tuesday December 4 through Sunday December 8.


Fangirl’s new blog CheckCheckHey! is up and running.

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PLEASE HELP CALEB MEDLEY! Caleb, as you may know, is a stand-up comic, who was severely injured in the movie theater shootings back in July. You can donate to help pay his medical expenses here. Several victims of the tragedy have had their medical bills forgiven, but so far that does not appear to be the case for Caleb.

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