Episode 061 - Pete Correale

Pete Correale gives PF the business. The X Factor returns for another season, and guess what? There are some people who think they can sing, but can’t--- and the hilarity ensues!


We have started an archive of dumb bits on SoundCloud.


Pete Correale is at The House of Comedy in Minneapolis Wednesday September 26 through Sunday September 30.

PF is at Go Bananas in Cincinnati for Pro-Am (i.e.Open Mic) Night Wednesday September 19.

PF’s Tape Recorder logo designed by Dan Koabel.

Email the show here.

PLEASE HELP CALEB MEDLEY! Caleb, as you may know, is a stand-up comic, who was severely injured in the movie theater shootings back in July. As of September 12 he has been moved to an extended care facility. They’re expecting a slow recovery, but it looks like he’s moving in the right direction. There has been several news stories about his release from the hospital.You can donate to help pay his medical expenses here.

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