Episode 132 - Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo and nuthin’ but! Hey, and while you’re here, please feel free to go back and cherry pick previous episodes. You’ll be glad you did.


Jimmy is at Go Bananas in Cincinnati January 24-25, February 1 at Sketchfest in San Francisco (with his podcast Never Not Funny), February 21-22 at Comedy on State in Madison, WI, February 28-March 1 in Cedar Rapids, IA at Penguins Comedy Club, and April 18-19 at Wiley’s Comedy Club in Dayton.


Never Not Funny website and Never Not Funny on Earwolf 

Jimmy’s latest CD Sprezzatura is available through all the usual outlets including Amazon, who are not s sponsor, but should be.

PF and Fangirl on the air in the UAE: Post Radio. The program we recorded is on during the overnight hours local time.

The SoundCloud page has been mostly updated for all of your Dumb Bit needs.

Visit HomeShirts.com for great vintage apparel. Spend your Christmas money on some new threads for 2014.

Check out some funny stuff over at Ross Rants. Think of it as a print version of PF’s Tape Recorder. And thanks to Ross for writing the Boehner call from episode 130.

Be sure to click over to Fangirl’s blog, CheckCheckHey! and her photo blog. 

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By PF Wilson


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