Episode 101 - Rock Solid Homage

It’s an homage to the podcast Rock Solid. PF and Fan Girl assume the roles of Pat Francis and Gary Lucy from the very great podcast Never Not Funny Presents: Rock Solid. Producer Lizzie takes on the Matt Belknap role. It’s Part 1 of our annual two-part Summer Music Series.


Check out our friends over at Ross Rants. Funny stuff!

PF is NOT doing PF Trivia LIVE! at McLevy's Pub in Cincinnati, right next door to Go Bananas, Thursday June 27, or July 4, but IS back Thursday July 11 at 10:00 p.m.

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YOU CAN STILL HELP CALEB MEDLEY! Caleb, as you may know, is a stand-up comic, who was severely injured in the movie theater shootings back in July of 2012. An update on his condition was broadcast on KMGH, Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in Denver a few months back. He still has a long way to go a complete recovery it seems, but things are moving in the right direction. You can donate to help pay his medical expenses here.

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PF Wilson


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